Root Micromax YU Yutopia 5050 Smartphone

Micromax YU is a new brand that is launched as a part of MMX base and is known for high end smartphones like YU Yutopia, Yuphoria etc. Here we will see a detailed guide about how you can root and unleash the hidden features of YU Yutopia YU5050 smartphone. We will be covering the tutorial step by step so please follow them carefully.

Before moving any further, let we discuss basic details about Yutopia smartphone (which you can make better after rooting obviously). It comes with a 5.2 inch 2560x1440 resolution screen that covers 565 ppi density and binds corning concore glass protection. This is awesome for any smartphone. 2 quad core processors coupled with 4GB DDR4 version RAM makes it faster than ever and allows you to enjoy high end applications/games on 5.2 inch screen. It is loaded with 32 GB ROM which can be eventually increased to 128 GB with help of external memory card. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Cyanogen 12.1 UI is inbuilt which can be changed after rooting only (unless and until MMX YU comes with an official update). 21 MP rear, 8 MP front facing cameras are given that can shoot videos at 4K resolution and 120 fps also. 3000 mAh battery enhances everything further.

MMX YU5050

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Talking about benefits of rooting MMX YU5050 then it will allow you to customize your phone in a manner that you want. You can upgrade YU Yutopia’s OS to Android 6.0 Marshmallow or any latest version (when it comes for Yutopia smartphone). You can enjoy high end games like Elder Scroll Online, Fast and Furious, Asphalt 8, Need for Speed etc.

How to root MMX YU Yutopia 5050

On the rooting part, it can be rooted with the same procedure that we have already covered for Micromax Bolt A27. You can read the complete tutorial from here:
How to Root MMX A27 Bolt
Steps are simple and require you to download and install 2 software package (safe and light in size). Once you are done with the rooting, you can verify the same by checking SuperSu app (you will find complete details in above mentioned scenario).

I hope t clears everything and you are now able to root your smartphone. Please let us know if you are facing challenges at any part or need our help for something.


How to root Micromax A47 Smartphone

Micromax A47 is a new smartphone from company that is launched at entry level price slot. It is surely launched with the aim of providing a quality phone at entry level price but its specs are somewhere not supporting it. This smartphone comes with a 4 inch capacitive touch screen that is supported with responsive UI. It runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean OS with the power of single core 1.3 GHz processor having 256 MB RAM. Single core processor with 256 MB RAM for Android Jellybean on 4 inch is something like truck driver flying an aeroplane. Believe me or not but this smartphone is not going to last that long (you will find all the bugs, issues within one year of using it).

Talking further then it comes with 2 MP back and VGA cameras that can be used for capturing still images and videos. Other specs are normal and usual that you will find in all other smartphones. It comes with 1600 mAh battery that is again not looking that approaching. It will die in quick 3-4 hours. It is retailed at a price range of Rs. 4-5K. if you are having this budget then please think twice or even thrice before going for this phone. It is not the one that will last for years. With such specifications this phone will last only for few months. You can check alternates from other companies like Xolo or Lava. Try to go for a phone with dual core processor and 256+ MB RAM minimum.

I will never ever suggest you to go for this phone. But if you have/had already made the purchase then here I am going to give you a tutorial about how to root Micromax A47. Rooting MMX A47 will help you to customize it to some good level. Please try this tutorial only if you are fully aware of technical facts about rooting. Rooting can help you with customizing your phone according to your needs. It can help you setting customized things like clocking up CPU, new file managers etc.

How to Root Micromax A47

I have recently written a detailed tutorial about rooting MMX A26. You can apply same instructions for MMX A47. You can check the detailed guide from here. If you need help then please let me know through comments.


How to root Micromax A36 Bolt

Micromax Bolt A36 is a nice entry level smartphone/phone from Micromax. I am calling it a phone because of its very usual features. But if we compare them with its price then they are somewhat acceptable. Let we not go to that detail but in a nutshell Bolt A36 provides a nice big screen mobile solution to entry level mobile phone seekers.

It caps a 4 inch touch screen with 800x480 TFT resolution. This smartphone carries a nice stylish look that is otherwise absent in most of the entry level smartphones. It runs on old Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS with the corporation of 1 GHz single core processor having 256MB RAM. 2 MP rear camera is there in this phone which captures photos with decent quality.

The most disappointing thing (according to me) is its operating system and processing unit. You can rectify both the segments by rooting MMX A36 Bolt. Rooting will allow you to use some higher class ROMs (Android ICS, Jellybean or KitKat), clocking up CPU of your smartphone. It will even open the doors towards better file management and handling. All in all rooting will allow you to magnify performance sector of your smartphone to great extent. But it will void warranty on your Bolt A36 so please choose carefully (whether you want to root or not).

How to root Micromax A36 Bolt

You can root A36 Bolt with help of a tool called Bin4ry. This tool will root your smartphone in minutes. It is a free tool that is very light weight in its size. Before trying this tutorial, please make sure to carry following this with you:

• Bolt A36 smartphone
• Computer with internet connection
• Original USB cable (USB Debugging Mode)
• PDANet tools installed in your smartphone

So once you are ready with above stuff, you can go ahead and can try these steps/instructions. After completing all the instructions carefully and correctly you will get a prompt about successful rooting. Now reboot your A36 and try installing Root Checker app from Play Store. This app will confirm whether your smartphone is rooted properly or not. In case of any miss-happening, please let us know through comments or repeat the entire procedure once again. Good luck!


How to root Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is one of the most important smartphone in the entire journey of MMX that has helped them to reach at a stable stage on which they are performing now. Canvas HD is one of the first quad core phablet that has motivated other companies to bring their quad core pieces in the Indian market. One of my friend is using Micromax Canvas HD for 5-6 months now and till today he hasn’t faced any kind of bugs with his phone (despite of using lots of apps and games). So all in all it is a superb phone at low price tag that has become the first choice of all quad core lovers in India.

Specification wise it wears a 5 inch PIS LCD screen with 1280x720 pixels resolution. It shows vibrant colors which are efficient than other smartphones of similar class. It runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean OS (latest model) with the power of a quad core 1.2 GHz processor paired up by 1 GB RAM. I have myself experience the power of its processing system. As a performance test, me and my friend has executed 6 continuous apps/downloads on Canvas HD and Canvas 4. Although Canvas 4 was slighter better but Canvas HD performed all the tasks very well which were perfect according to its price tag.

Its 8 MP rear and 2 MP front facing cameras further magnifies its performance with 3G support. So all in all it is one of the best and reliable choices for all medium budget smartphone seekers. It could even beat devices like Galaxy Grand when compared on specification basis.

In spite of having such wonderful specification set there is still a chance of improvement. You can magnify its performance by rooting it. After rooting you can install following things on your Canvas HD:

• Latest ROMs (Android 4.3 Jellybean or Android 4.4 KitKat)
• Recoveries
• Apps with rooting permission
• Lots more

Apps with rooting permission include some very high end apps that can eventually transform your smartphone completely. These can help you modifying your phone from speed, security measures.

How to root Micromax A116 Canvas HD

At first download and install PDANet from here and after that please follow these instructions from here. It is a simple procedure that asks you to download and use a customized tool on your computer. So you are advised to carry Computer (with internet facility), your smartphone and original USB cable along with you.


How to root Micromax Canvas Blaze MT500

Micromax Canvas Blaze MT500 is one of the latest MMX smartphone that is stuffed with some powerful and usual MMX specifications. Micromax is promoting it well on various medias/platforms. It is a dual SIM smartphone with the support of GSM and CDMA. Frankly speaking then this smartphone latches somewhere with its specs (in accordance to its price). It is a standard Jellybean phablet that occupies a 5 inch 954x480 pixels screen. It supports 262K colors only. It is really a bad indication for a device called “SMARTPHONE”.

It is powered by a 1 GHz dual core processor with the support of 768MB RAM. 768 MB RAM again seems to be somewhat less and it might create some major issues with heavy apps/loads. 8 MP rear and VGA front facing camera plays decent roles at respective places. It equips a 4 GB inbuilt memory chip that stores enough data in its on-board memory. But still if you need additional memory then you can easily do it with the help of normal SD card. Its 1850 mAh battery is supposed to give about 5 hours talk time and 5 days standby time.

This is all about this latest Micromax smartphone. You might have noted that this smartphone lacks in many features like less RAM, VGA front facing camera etc. It retails around Rs. 10,500 tag approx. Talking about phones (at this range) from other manufactures then they are offering much better specs with better quality even. But you can still match that level (level of other devices) by rooting your MMX Canvas Blaze MT500. Rooting will enable you to have custom ROMs (Android 4.3 Jellybean or Android 4.4 KitKat) live on your Canvas Blaze. This will even open the doors for special Apps that can completely transform your smartphone in a positive manner. But rooting will void your warranty which is not a good thing (especially for nerds).

How to root Micromax Canvas Blaze MT500

Rooting Canvas Blaze is a very easy task that can be done by following two simple steps (with sub-steps). Here are those 2 steps:

Step 1
Step 2

These steps will root your MMX MT500 in minutes. If you need any guidance then please ask me by commenting here.


How to root Micromax Bolt A58

Micromax Bolt A58 is among the best entry level smartphone from Indian giant MMX. This smartphone shows great promises with its specs that look unique under the low price roof. This smartphone carries 3.5 inch display which is best for all kind of optimum use. It is a comparatively bigger display which can be used for watching videos, photos with better quality and resolution.

This smartphone is operated by an Android 4.2 Jellybean OS with 1 GHz dual core processing unit that is paired up with 512 MB RAM unit. These specs are simply awesome for a gadget that retails at Rs. 4,499. Rs. 4,499 is the current price of MMX Bolt A58 and it is one of the best smartphone at its price range. It is a 3G phone with quality connectivity tools like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all.

For the camera unit, manufactures have stuffed 2 MP rear camera at its back panel. Sadly no front facing camera is there which somewhere decays the use and experience of 3G enabled system. It comes with the option of 32 GB expandable memory that can turn it into a real giant (memory aspect). It equips a 1200 mAh battery for quality backup service.

If we compare these specs with its price then it seems to be a complete worth phone that utilizes every single penny of its price. But still you may have noted some apps (on Play Store) that requires rooting access for download. Here I am going to give you a procedure about how to root MMX Bolt A58 which is required with special cases like ROM upgrades, Firmware’s upgrades etc Rooting can help you in various ways. Micromax is also introducing Android KitKat update for 11 of its Canvas smartphones. Sadly it will not be for Bolt A58.

How to root Micromax Bolt A58

I have written a working tutorial for MMX Bolt A67. Rooting procedure for Bolt A58 and Bolt A67 are exactly similar. You can get it from here. It is a simple procedure but if you need any assistance on any of the step then please let me know through comments.


How to root Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo

With the new face and new set of specifications, Micromax has proudly launched Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 in Indian market. At present it is the current flagship of our own Indian smartphone giant Micromax. This smartphone can be taken as the extension of MMX A240 Canvas Doodle 2. Company has extended almost the entire set of specs of Doodle 2 which is superb from customer’s point of view.

I have myself used this smartphone for about 2 weeks and believe me it is one of the best MMX smartphone that I have used/tested till now. This smartphone will provide you superb full HD resolution with real time running and very smooth and fast transitions. Its quad core 1.5 GHz chipset processor with 2GB RAM will never let you experience any kind of time lags while browsing its internal functions or even during internet sessions.

It boasts a 5 inch full capacitive screen that have IPS type screen with full HD resolution support. It is a 3G smartphone with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front facing camera. Camera is stuffed with various high end features.

I know all these features seem very approaching and some of you (almost all) will be fully satisfied with these specs. But there is still a chance of improvements (particularly in ROM update sector). The thing which will help you here is called Rooting. After rooting your MMX Canvas Turbo A250, you will be able to upgrade your smartphone with latest custom firmwares/ROMs. You will also be eligible for downloading all rooting required apps that can eventually transform your smartphone into a real one. Here I am going to give you a working procedure about how to root Canvas Turbo. But please note that it will void your warranty and you will not a liable for asking for any kind of official support (that comes under warranty), so please proceed carefully.

How to root Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo

MMX Canvas A240 and A250 Turbo are built on almost similar platform. I have already shared one procedure for rooting Canvas Doodle 2. You can check it from here. All the steps and downloading files are similar for both the smartphones. Please report errors (if any) as comments.



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