How to root Micromax A62 Bolt smartphone

Micromax mainly deals in 2 smartphone series. One is popular Canvas and the second is Bolt. I think you have heard about both the series. Canvas series is famous for high end devices with at least dual core processors, 5 inch screens and high class Operating System, whereas Bolt series from MMX is known for entry level smartphones having mediocre level features stuffed inside.

Both the series are equally good at respective places but development wise, Canvas leads Bolt somewhere. You will find lots of development tutorials for Canvas series phablets whereas if you talk about Bolt, then you will hardly get one or two. Even there are some Bolt smartphones which are untouched by the word development. But don’t worry here we are to discover all those hidden pieces.

Micromax Bolt A62 is one such piece which is almost untouched by development world. Bolt A62 is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread based smartphone that houses 4 inch capacitive touch screen display with 480x320 pixels resolution. Further it is powered by a 1 GHz processor coupled with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. All these specs justify the price tag this smartphone retails at.

Rooting will add some extra features inside Bolt A62 which will enhance overall customization and functions. But after rooting, you will lose warranty on your A62. So please think twice before taking final decision. In case you are new to this rooting filed then please take help from some expert friend or something like otherwise you might put your device in great risk (bricking even).

How to root Micromax Bolt A62
1. Download this rooting tool to your computer and extract it.
2. Now connect A62 and computer through original USB chord. Enable USB debugging mode from development section (you will get it after you make connection between computer and mobile). If you are not getting this option then don’t worry, you can continue as such.
3. Now go to extracted tool folder and open the RunMe.bat file there.
4. Now you will see lots of on screen instructions. Press 1 there.
5. After this you may have to follow some more onscreen instructions. Follow them carefully.

At last you will end up with rooting your MMX A62 Bolt. Now reboot your mobile and start using the extra features from play store or from custom ROM developers.


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