How to root Micromax Canvas Bolt A67

Micromax Canvas Bolt A67 is the latest smartphone from MMX which comes with high end features at low price sticker. It is an addition to famous Bolt series which is known for Swipe and Share feature. I don’t know whether this particular smartphone comes with this highlighting feature or not but in case if it doesn’t houses S&S feature, then please let me know through comments. I will guide you about how to install that Swipe and Share feature inside MMX Bolt A67.

Talking about other features then it comes with:
• 4.5 inch IPS screen
• Android ICS OS
• Dual core 1GHz processor
• 512 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM
• 150 mAh battery
• Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS connectivity
• Dual SIM
• Lots more

Although these features are perfect for the price it retails around but still you can magnify them further. You can easily modify its overall specs with help of rooting. Rooting will allow doing self customizations in various fields which improves device from security, performance aspects. It might even clock up your A67 Bolt.

How to root Micromax Canvas Bolt A67

1. Battery level should be maintained around 70%+.
2. Download MMX A67 Bolt drivers from PdaNet.
3. Download the Rooting package to computer.
4. Take the USB chord (which you got inside Bolt A67 kit) and interface your mobile with computer.
5. Extract the rooting package and select RunMe.bat file.
6. Now enter “1” in command prompt (which you will get after opening RunMe.bat file).

It will root your Bolt A67 in 2-5 minutes. Now reboot your smartphone and download Root Checker App from Play Store. This app will verify rooting status of your smartphone. If it shows “Device is Rooted” or something like then you can proceed further will all the rooting privileges. If it shows some kind of errors with rooting status then sadly you will have to repeat all the steps again.


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  1. Rooting package is not available in the link.

  2. go to this link

  3. Not working. Successfully installed drivers. But when i run Runme.bat, it says *daemon started successfully, and then nothing happens..

  4. Oh! And, just after i press 1, it first says
    *daemon not running starting it on port 5037
    then it says *daemon started successfully.

    Also, you've mentioned not to install drivers from pdanet with usb debugging mode on. Well, when I run pdanet, it tells me to turn on usb debugging before connecting my mobile to the computer.

  5. upto wat time shud i keep my phone connected?

  6. im not able to repeat the steps again , after i select 1 nothing happens please help :(

  7. Has anyone rooted his a67 successfully using this method?

  8. Device type:

    Make a choice:
    After pressing 1it says

    Checking if I should run in normal mode or special sony mode
    Please connect your device with USB debugging enabled now

    whats the problem man...USB debugging is enabled though and PDANet is installed

  9. use this guide to root your device. i rooted micromax a62 and a67 ..


  11. Watch this. It's worked for me. but please if you have not made nan-droid backup then do not use any harmful applications !!

    LINK :

    And don't forgot to like and comment !



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