How to root Micromax A36 Bolt

Micromax Bolt A36 is a nice entry level smartphone/phone from Micromax. I am calling it a phone because of its very usual features. But if we compare them with its price then they are somewhat acceptable. Let we not go to that detail but in a nutshell Bolt A36 provides a nice big screen mobile solution to entry level mobile phone seekers.

It caps a 4 inch touch screen with 800x480 TFT resolution. This smartphone carries a nice stylish look that is otherwise absent in most of the entry level smartphones. It runs on old Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS with the corporation of 1 GHz single core processor having 256MB RAM. 2 MP rear camera is there in this phone which captures photos with decent quality.

The most disappointing thing (according to me) is its operating system and processing unit. You can rectify both the segments by rooting MMX A36 Bolt. Rooting will allow you to use some higher class ROMs (Android ICS, Jellybean or KitKat), clocking up CPU of your smartphone. It will even open the doors towards better file management and handling. All in all rooting will allow you to magnify performance sector of your smartphone to great extent. But it will void warranty on your Bolt A36 so please choose carefully (whether you want to root or not).

How to root Micromax A36 Bolt

You can root A36 Bolt with help of a tool called Bin4ry. This tool will root your smartphone in minutes. It is a free tool that is very light weight in its size. Before trying this tutorial, please make sure to carry following this with you:

• Bolt A36 smartphone
• Computer with internet connection
• Original USB cable (USB Debugging Mode)
• PDANet tools installed in your smartphone

So once you are ready with above stuff, you can go ahead and can try these steps/instructions. After completing all the instructions carefully and correctly you will get a prompt about successful rooting. Now reboot your A36 and try installing Root Checker app from Play Store. This app will confirm whether your smartphone is rooted properly or not. In case of any miss-happening, please let us know through comments or repeat the entire procedure once again. Good luck!


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  1. please provide a better rooting process for micromax a36
    plsss urgent

  2. nothn happenin in bat file after pressin 1 and enter
    showin as
    daemon started succesfulli thn nothn

  3. What a suck dude... When i click 'how to root micromax a36' link, it takes me to 'how to root micrimax 100s or something alike model. Pls check it. And if there isn't any way to root mmx a36 , just delete this post.

  4. Can micromax a36 be rooted? Reply only if you have successfully rooted.
    Kya faaltu ka hamaara time waste karne k liye dusre models ka rooting process post karte ho.

  5. Watch this. It's worked for me. but please if you have not made nan-droid backup then do not use any harmful applications !!

    LINK :

  6. ลองอ้ฟดูก่อนครับ!



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